Merger & Acquisition

Merger & Acquisition

Based on our know-how accumulated throughout the years in commercial, management, production, technology, quality, purchasing, supply chain, HR, and other activities in China, and because of the ability we acquired  for both negotiations and project management,  we have developed a comprehensive process to assist our clients in the management of three types of strategic partnerships’ projects:

Transfer of technology: Here our objective is to assist our client in structuring their “transfer of technology” offer, and then in identifying and presenting potential clients for this transfer. Finally, we proceed with our client to the negotiations of the transfer conditions, to the establishment of the local team and to the project management.

– Funds raising: We assist our French clients in identifying and negotiating a financial, industrial, or commercial partnership with a competent Chinese actor. Our client receives funds to increase their growth, secure their development in China and structure the partnership which will bring them both market and competitive advantages.

– Acquisition: In these projects, we support our client in the identification of a target corresponding to their need, and then in all the steps of negotiations (pre-due diligence, valuation, negotiation, LOI, closing) but also in the management of the post-acquisition changes.

– Divestment: Here our objective is to assist our client in the management of their company’s divestment with a Chinese partner.