About us

Established in 1999, V.V.R. International is a consulting and service company who supports European businesses in their industrial and economic development in China.

Our core business is to secure and strengthen our clients’ development in China.

For 23 years, V.V.R. International has been managing more than 950 projects in China in around 20 different sectors. Among them, we achieved more than 250 projects of commercial development (strategic diagnosis, development of commercial networks, recruitment and set-up of commercial structures…), some 300 projects of industrial partnerships (strategic diagnosis, transfer of technology, Joint-Venture, fundraising, merger and acquisition…), and 400 projects of purchasing and quality control (sourcing, audit, product development, quality control).

In 2019, VVR managed more than 165M EUR of turnover between Europe and China.

Our expertise

Strategic diagnosis
To understand the targeted market and your current/potential positioning on this market…
Commercial Development
Successfully launch yourself on the Chinese market, without any unstrategic investment…
Supply Chain & Distribution
To set up and manage your exports and/or improve the existing structure…
Production & ToT
To transfer your technology to a partner, or set up your own production unit…
Purchasing & Quality
To source your suppliers in China and Brazil, reach your QCD objectives…
Recruitment & Incubation
To find qualified individuals for your company that, adapted and motivated…
Merger & Acquisitions
Our experience and our abilities for your projects of strategic partnerships…


The VVR RH department offers foreign companies wishing to consolidate their presence in China a range of customized solutions, including traditional HR services (consulting, organizational diagnostics, recruitment, coaching, etc.) and a range of operational services to assist companies in the day-to-day management of their teams in China, without the need to set up a local legal entity (incubation, wage portage, domiciliation, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Labor Dispatch Service, etc.).

VVR RH draws on over 20 years’ experience in HR services in China, a strong Sino-European team, all the necessary licenses and 4 offices in major Chinese cities to provide companies with the best HR solutions in China.

VVR medical

Active in the medical and healthcare industry since 2008, VVR International established VVR Medical in 2018, run by a dedicated team of 8 people dedicated to European innovators in medical technology and diagnostics

Business sector

VVR Team


CEO VVR International
Chloé BERNDT Directrice associée


Managing Partner VVR International

Guillaume HULJACK

Managing Partner VVR International

Irénée ROBIN

Managing Partner VVR Medical

Jean-Luc ADDA

Financial Director
VVR International


VVR China


VVR Shijiazhuang Office


VVR Shanghai Office

CHEN Minyu

VVR Canton Office

YU JiaXin

Financial Director
VVR China

VVR China’s offices

Our network of partners

VVR is part of the Globallians network

Globallians is a network of independent experts in international development. These experts are specialised by country.

VVR is a member of the Medicallians Network

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