Commercial development

Commercial development

The Chinese market is highly attractive, as well as highly competitive. When you want to enter China, it is of the utmost importance to answer to the following questions: is there a market for my product/ my service? what is my target? how can I reach it? where should I launch myself?…

Thanks to a rigorous methodology, VVR International helped many SMEs successfully launch themselves on the Chinese market, without unstrategic investments.

We assist you in developing your distributor network, and/or in the set-up of an external structure for importation, distribution and local billing. We take up the management of industrialisation projects for your end products, from the subcontracting projects. This way, you can start to manufacture locally without opening “yet another plant”.

We offer a comprehensive assistance on your project, depending on your needs. Our methodology is threefold: first a strategic diagnosis, then the set-up of the strategy previously defined, and finally the operational management.


Firstly we need to determine the scope of the market and your position, actual or potential, on it. We realise a market study (analysis of the flows,  the regulation, the distribution modes, identification of the actors), an analysis of your competitors in China and of the offer on the market, and finally an analysis of your internal organisation and distribution strategy.


Then, you must find the right partner, which means a partner adapted to both the local market and your company. After validating your commercial strategy and your business model, previously defined, VVR International assists you in the research and selection of partners (RFI, audit and commercial missions), and in the definition of the management processes. We then stand by you in the set-up of your commercial team and/or of the collaboration contract.


Finally, in order to make your project sustainable in China and to further develop it, you need to adopt specific tools to keep a local presence.

We bring you our best experts in managing partners, orders and bills. We also make available optimisation tools for the operations of companies that are already in China.

Mots clés :

    • Market study
    • Benchmark of the competitors
    • Regulation
    • Brands
    • Analysis of the distribution channels
    • Qualification of the distributors
    • Calculus of the selling price
    • Logistics management
    • Distributors’ contracts
    • Stock management