novembre 15, 2022

Healthcare industries in China : Key takeaways

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On October 13th, our expert Irénée Robin, was speaker at an event organised by French Healthcare “Made in China in Healthcare industries”. Quick review on key concepts to remember.

On Thursday, October 13th, from 5.00 to 6.00 pm, the French Healthcare Alliance in China held an event about the topic Made in China in Healthcare industries.

Thanks to our speakers,

  • Irenee Robin, Managing Partner at VVR Medical,
  • Philippe Barroux, General Manager at Stago China,
  • Yannick Ravier General Asia at Cartolux-Top Clean Packaging Group.
  • And as a moderator, Benoit Derinck, General Manager of Thuasne China and French Healthcare Alliance Medical Devices working group lead.

Key takeaways :

  • Market access is more challenging than before for foreign players, but innovative products still have a bright future, especially for newcomers on the market and smart product portfolio management is a good way to adapt to the necessity to localise production for the Chines market.
  • The transition for the already established players is brutal and challenging, but at the same time, the China market attractiveness and potential remains a main investment driver.
  • A CDMO strategy approach may be a new business model to be developed for newcomers as well as established companies moving towards a transition of production in China for China.

More info about the French Healthcare event “Made in China in the healthcare industry

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