November 16, 2018


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Here-under, the index rate of raw materials in China throughout the last 6 months.

Available in PDF : Download Newsletter VVR 2018 NOVEMBER

New Tech Applied in China’s Healthcare Industry

On 24 August, Irénée Robin, director and co-founder of VVR Medical, took part in the "New Tech Applied In China's Healthcare Industry" round table organised by La French Tech Shanghai. This article looks back at Irénée's speech, during which he shared advice for medical technology companies wishing to succeed in the Chinese market. Passionate about...

PEO in China: the beginning of a development strategy

PEO involves using a company based in China to provide physical and legal housing for a foreign or Chinese employee. It allows companies that do not have an office in China to recruit and work with an employee locally. PEO solution is an important and sometimes decisive step to ensure a safe and successful development...

Interview with Camille Verchery, in the newletter of the Club Chine de l’EM Lyon

Camille Verchery, Director and Founder of VVR International, discusses the strengths and dynamics of the Chinese market and highlights the opportunities for French companies in an interview with the Club Chine de l'EM Lyon. ENERGY: AT THE HEART OF CHINA'S DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY First and foremost, Energy has become a strategic sector for China in just...