December 12, 2023

Efficient Recruitment and Portage : Rapid and Successful Deployment in China

Efficient Recruitment and Portage : Rapid and Successful Deployment in China

The Chinese market offers strong economic potential and is attractive to international companies. However, there are a number of hurdles that need to be overcome in order to be successful. Firstly, recruitment is one of the biggest challenges for companies looking to set up in China. That’s why it’s wise to seek advice and support at this crucial stage of your development strategy in China. Once the talent is selected, it’s time to set the terms of the relationship, which will depend on the stage of development of the company in China. If you’re just starting out in this market, or if you want to assess the opportunities for your business in the country before considering setting up your own structure, then portage salarial may be the solution. Portage salarial allows companies that are not physically present in China to quickly hire a new employee. The employee can then perform tasks locally, delegating the administrative and legal management of the employee position to a third-party company based in China.

Understanding Portage and PEO services in China

Wage portage is a three-way relationship between a management company, a professional and a client company. Instead of hiring an employee directly, a company can go through a “portage salarial” company. The “portage” company then handles all the administrative and legal formalities associated with the employment. (

Why is this important in China?

Legal compliance:

The legal framework for employment in China is complex and evolving. Using the portage solution ensures that companies remain compliant with local laws and regulations without having to master them themselves.


Companies can test the Chinese market without setting up a legal entity. This allows for faster expansion with less financial risk.

Ease of administration:

All aspects of employment contracts, payments, benefits, and taxes are handled by the Portage company. This frees the client company from administrative management and allows them to focus on their core business.

Access to a talent network:

Freelance administration companies with a specialized HR department staffed by experts familiar with the Chinese labor market have privileged access to a network of qualified professionals. This local presence combined with HR expertise is particularly beneficial for foreign companies that are not yet familiar with the specifics of the Chinese labor market.

In many cases, the use of “portage salarial” is the most appropriate solution for companies wishing to expand in China. Not only does it allow you to navigate the legal labor landscape with confidence, it also offers unrivaled speed of implementation, flexibility and efficiency.

Strategies for Identifying and Attracting Top Talent through Portage and PEO services

A company’s success depends largely on the quality of its talent. This is especially true in China, where competition for skilled professionals is fierce and the talent pool is the size of the combined American and European pools. Here’s how companies can optimize their recruitment strategy:

Use local tools:

The Chinese market has its own job search and professional networking platforms. Rather than relying solely on Western platforms, companies should explore tools such as Zhaopin or 51Job to access a wider pool of candidates.

Work closely with specialized companies that offer Portage and PEO services in China:

By working closely with an HR consulting firm such as VVR RH, companies can benefit from sound advice on how to position their job offers, salary expectations, and more.

Consider Chinese culture:

Corporate culture in China is heavily influenced by traditional Chinese culture. Appreciating aspects such as respect, loyalty, and professional stability can make all the difference in an interview.

Provide training and development opportunities:

Chinese candidates value ongoing training opportunities. By partnering with Portage companies that offer such training, companies can stand out from the competition.

Contractual clarity:

Make sure the terms of employment are clearly defined. With Portage Salary, this is made easier because the Portage company manages these aspects while ensuring compliance.

It is important to recognize that the Chinese market is unique. By adapting the recruitment strategy to the needs and expectations of Chinese professionals, while relying on freelance administration, companies can truly maximize their chances of success.

Ensure Successful Integration of Employees Recruited Through Portage  and Strengthen Your Collaboration Through Incubation

The act of hiring is only the first step in an ongoing employer-employee relationship. To ensure a successful long-term collaboration, it’s critical to facilitate the smooth integration of new employees:

Thorough training:

Make sure employees fully understand their roles, responsibilities, and expectations. As part of their incubation services, Portage companies can often provide customized training and a welcome home for foreign employees to help bridge cultural or language gaps.

Ongoing support:

Assign a mentor or consultant to guide the new employee through the initial stages of integration. VVR International’s HR team ensures smooth communication between foreign companies and expatriates, and is on hand to help solve any problems or adjustment difficulties that new expatriates may encounter in China.

Facilitate administrative management:

One of the great strengths of independent management is that it simplifies administrative procedures. This allows new employees to focus on their work without having to worry about bureaucratic aspects such as obtaining insurance or managing tax deductions.

Company culture and values:

Although portage administration allows for some distance between the client company and the employee, it is important to ensure that the company’s values and culture are well communicated. Integration sessions, workshops and regular meetings can help build a sense of belonging.

Provide regular feedback:

The first few months are critical to the employer-employee relationship. Be sure to provide regular, constructive feedback to set the employee up for success.

With a successful integration, not only does the company benefit from a dedicated and productive employee, but it also strengthens its reputation as an employer of choice, making it easier to recruit in the future.

Portage combined with hiring the right talent: the winning strategy for success in China

Rich with opportunities and challenges, China is an expansion territory for many international companies. But if you really want to get a foothold and succeed, mastering recruitment is crucial. Portage Salarial is emerging as a winning strategy, not only to facilitate the recruitment process, but also to ensure the integration and retention of top talent.

With over two decades of experience, VVR International has positioned itself as an invaluable partner to European companies seeking to establish and thrive in China. By taking over critical tasks such as drafting employment contracts, managing human resources, payroll, administration and much more, VVR ensures that companies can focus on their core business.