avril 18, 2023

China, dream or real market opportunity for French startups?

Last 4th April 2023, on the occasion of the SNITEM Start-up day, Irénée Robin, founder and partner of VVR Medical, expert of Chinese health market, was with the MEDICALLIANS experts from UK – Germany – France – USA – Middle East, to present the development opportunities for french stratups in the main international health markets.

During a workshop focusing on China, Irénée Robin, founder and partner of VVR Medical shared his vision of the Chinese healthcare market, and the business strategies for French startups and companies.

Here are the key takeaways from his speech:

China is (still) striving for the world’s best & cheapest healthcare

The pandemic delayed the process and highlighted structural issues…

  • Suboptimal use of all components of the healthcare chain
  • Deficits in early diagnosis and treatment

…but has triggered changes providing new opportunities

  • Generalization of smart hospital systems
  • Clear vision of Big Data in healthcare

The triptych to achieve this objective in MedTech: Innovation, Scaleability, Affordability

  • Accelerated regulatory proceedings
  • Volume-Based Procurement
  • Promotion of local manufacturing

Those changes raise new questions and challenges for MedTech innovators

  • Market access, distribution channels
  • Realistic bottom line, value chain
  • IP protection, local partners

VVR Medical experts can help you !
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