February 20, 2024

Outstaffing and PEO service in China: Legal news to know

by vvr-auteur-1 in Recruitment and incubation

Outstaffing and PEO service in China: Legal news to know

Professional Employer Organization PEO service in China is an advantageous solution for foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in this dynamic market. As the economy is constantly evolving and the legal framework is rapidly adapting, it is crucial for companies to be aware of the rules governing contingent workforce management in China. The purpose of this article is to inform companies of the latest legal developments regarding the hiring and taxation of Chinese or expatriate employees. As evidenced by the extension of expatriate tax benefits until 2027, China continues to open its doors and attract foreign talent and skills. 

China: Fertile Ground for Business Expansion

With a population of over 1.4 billion and a growing middle class, China offers immense potential for foreign companies. The country is a global hub for manufacturing, technology and services. Through the use of “portage salarial”, companies can access this lucrative market while minimizing risk and investment. By simplifying administrative and legal procedures and delegating them to a competent Outstaffing company such as VVR International, companies can concentrate on their core business. What’s more, “portage salarial” offers greater flexibility than setting up a local company when it comes to implementing a strategy in China, and enables rapid adaptation to market changes. In an economic environment as dynamic as China’s, this flexibility is an advantage for initiating and sustaining local operations.

New Legislative Developments and Their Impact

In an effort to attract more foreign investment, China is constantly adjusting its legislation on professional management. Recent legislative changes are designed to simplify procedures for businesses while providing greater protection for both local and foreign workers. For foreign companies, this means a better understanding of their legal obligations, a reduction in the risks associated with non-compliance, and greater confidence in the freelance management process. In addition, the introduction of these new regulations demonstrates China’s commitment to creating a favorable and transparent business environment for foreign companies.

Taxation: benefits for foreigners extended until 2027

One of the most notable aspects of China’s recent developments concerns taxation. With the aim of encouraging more expatriates to work in China and making the country more attractive to international talent, the Chinese government has decided to extend tax benefits for foreigners until 2027. This measure, which was originally planned for a shorter period of time, offers significant benefits to foreign workers in terms of tax relief. 

Navigating the Chinese regulatory landscape

In a country where regulations are rapidly evolving, it is imperative for companies to keep abreast of the latest legislative changes. With its growing economy and increasing openness to foreign businesses, China frequently adjusts its laws to meet changing market needs.

Preparing for the future of professional management in China

As China continues to assert itself as a global economic power, the opportunities for foreign companies are greater than ever. With its advantages and flexibility, professional management is an invaluable tool for those seeking to penetrate this dynamic market. However, effective legal intelligence is essential to ensure compliance and maximize the benefits of China’s labor and tax laws. Companies that invest in regular legal intelligence can anticipate and adapt quickly.

For foreign companies, working with an experienced, locally-established partner like VVR International is the key to efficient and rapid recruitment. What’s more, our HR team will keep you abreast of any legal developments that may affect your teams in China and will support and advise you at every stage of the recruitment process and in setting up your collaboration.