Salons et foires en Chine


Veuillez trouver ci-dessous la liste de tous les salons professionnels chinois, intéressants pour le sourcing en Chine. Cette liste présente les salons pour les 2 prochains mois.

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There are 38 events in our database

There are 38 result(s)

Industry Starting date Ending date Name of fairs Place
agri-food / agri-chemical2017/08/30 2017/09/01 the 10th china international high-end dringking water industry exposhanghai
agri-food / agri-chemical2017/07/06 2017/07/09 cafe show china 2017beijing
agri-food / agri-chemical2017/06/16 2017/06/18 ife china 2017guangzhou
agri-food / agri-chemical2017/06/20 2017/06/22 fi food ingredients asia-china 2017shanghai
automotive2017/06/28 2017/06/30 industrial automation shenzhen 2017shenzhen
consumer goods2017/06/09 2017/06/11 the kids expo 2017guangzhou
electronics / electrics2017/08/23 2017/08/25 cnibf 2017shanghai
electronics / electrics2017/08/17 2017/08/19 china shunde international exposition for household electrical appliances 2017guangzhou
electronics / electrics2017/08/16 2017/08/18 guangzhou international solar photovoltaic exhibition 2017guangzhou
electronics / electrics2017/07/13 2017/07/16 photo & imaging shanghai 2017shanghai
electronics / electrics2017/06/28 2017/07/01 mwc (mobile world congress) shanghai 2017shanghai
electronics / electrics2017/06/27 2017/06/29 pcim asia 2017shanghai
electronics / electrics2017/06/07 2017/06/09 international ces - asia 2017shanghai
electronics / electrics2017/06/09 2017/06/12 guangzhou international lighting exhibition 2017guangzhou
engineering / project management2017/08/23 2017/08/25 china adhesive 2017shanghai
engineering / project management2017/08/02 2017/08/06 jinnuo machine tool exhibition - qingdao 2017qingdao
engineering / project management2017/08/28 2017/08/30 china glasstec expo - cge 2017guangzhou
engineering / project management2017/07/19 2017/07/21 aluminium china 2017shanghai
engineering / project management2017/07/12 2017/07/14 propak china 2017shanghai
engineering / project management2017/07/24 2017/07/26 cibes (china international building energy efficiency & advanced building materials exhibition) 2017beijing
engineering / project management2017/06/28 2017/06/30 china(guangzhou) international fasteners & equipment exhibition 2017guangzhou
engineering / project management2017/06/13 2017/06/16 m+m china 2017shanghai
engineering / project management2017/06/13 2017/06/16 die & mould china 2017shanghai
engineering / project management2017/06/13 2017/06/15 aiae (asian international industrial automation exhibition) 2017beijing
engineering / project management2017/06/13 2017/06/16 metal+ metallurgy china 2017shanghai
engineering / project management2017/06/01 2017/06/04 ceramics china 2017guangzhou
environment / renewable energy2017/06/13 2017/06/16 ciepec 2017beijing
environment / renewable energy2017/06/07 2017/06/09 aquatech china 2017shanghai
luxury goods2017/07/08 2017/07/10 luxury china 2017beijing
luxury goods2017/06/05 2017/06/08 altm - asia luxury travel market 2017shanghai
pharmaceutical / medical2017/06/20 2017/06/22 cphi china 2017shanghai
professional distribution2017/08/18 2017/08/20 sime - shanghai model exhibition 2017shanghai
professional distribution2017/08/24 2017/08/27 pet fair asia professional 2017shanghai
professional distribution2017/08/30 2017/09/01 all china leather exhibition - acle '2017shanghai
professional distribution2017/08/24 2017/08/27
professional distribution2017/08/25 2017/08/27 fishex guangzhou 2017guangzhou
professional distribution2017/08/23 2017/08/24 ibtm china 2017beijing
services2017/06/23 2017/06/25 bite - bejing international tourism expo 2017beijing



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